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I recently purchased a new set of tires for my 2005 Dodgeram from Belle Tire. I was told they could not do an alignment because the upper and lower ball joints and front and rear brakes also the shocks needed to be replaced. $1940.05 was the estimate for "necessary repairs". I took my truck to a reputable mechanic in the area and was told the upper ball joints and brakes needed replaced. I had... Read more

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Had new tires installed on my 2005 dodgeram. I was told they could not do an alignment because upper and lower ball joints and brakes and shocks needed to be replaced. I was given an estimate of $1940.05 for the repairs. I took my truck to another mechanic and found the upper ball joints were bad. I knew the brakes were going and i had him check everything else.Had all the repairs completed and... Read more

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First and Foremost; the service time I was told exceeded 2 hours (seemed to be a lot of wasted time by associates in the garage), however: the product of New Tires recommended and price out-weighed the wait time. *NOTE: I arrived at Bell Tire at 1:50 p.m. on Friday 1/2/2016, the 5530 Clyde Park Location in Wyoming, Michigan for a Tire Rotation. I Was Told it would be "30-45 minutes". My car was... Read more

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Horrible service and WAYYYYYYYYYYY over priced. Never going back. You'd think they'd want to build good clientele since their new to my area. *** joke. Add comment

Very poor warranty on tires they sell. Go to discount tire. They honor tire warranty on tires they dont even sell Add comment

I just had the new Bridgestone Blizzak D2's installed on my 2012 Ranger Rover SC AB, and I just love them. "Tony" at Bell Tire of Mishawaka got me right in and had my new Blizzacks mounted and balanced and ready to roll in a few short hours. These Blizzacks cost a little more that the other winter tires, but after a short drive down a snowy road, I think they're worth every dime Read more

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I'm so angry. I called Belle Tire to purchase new tires. Went on line and got a quote that stated quote good through 1/16/2016. In store today. Store Representative will not honor online quote from Saturday. I'm so angry. I need new tires today. I have no choice but to purchase them. The guy was slightly rude and loud. Later attempted to explain his reasoning. Angry veteran. Add comment

Belle tire on Harvey St. in Muskegon is a complete joke! Told me my upper ball joints were bad up front and that I would need to replace them for an alignment. I thought it didn't sound right so I took it to Blood' front end clinic and they confirmed that I only needed an alignment. I'll never step foot in a belle tire again and I'll tell everyone I know to do the same. I work too hard to be... Read more

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In the past year I've had several horrible experiences with Belle Tire. Earlier in the year they wouldn't repair a slow leak in my tire. Told some b.s. lie about tread depth and how they had to change all 4 tires( for a slow leak?) No way! Took my vehicle to a competitor and got the leak fixed for FREE! And today, I need a replacement tire for my vehicle. They take some B.S. tread depth... Read more

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I recently had my truck in to Belle Tire for a missing cylinder fire. What started as a $200 tune up soon turned into A $1,500 nightmare. After going through my entire truck, including tearing off the manifold, and by the way telling me the manifold had been sanded down by someone other than them, into cylinders they decided to not charge me for labor or for any parts that they replaced, but... Read more

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