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I went to Belle tire to buy a set of tires. Manager "Deeangelo" is no mechanical guy that is for sure.

Deezangelo walks up to my truck. touches the front tire and informs me I need front end work. Must have esp, real {{Redacted}} esp or he thinks everyone is as dumb as he is. Because the front end was fine according to my alignment shop.

Stay away from tire shop "managers" with made up names. Belle tire has really gone downhill. I will never use belle tire again. I cannot believe what a shady scam they are running.

"managers" with no knowledge? only in 2017

Product or Service Mentioned: Belle Tire Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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some techs can tell you have a problem with your car or truck by the way your tires are wearing! Did you let them check and show you?


No, my friend, "managers" with inadequate skills have existed since long before now.

Worse yet, we've had very important persons who were not up to their elected or appointed tasks as well.

It's the human condition since Day-1.

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