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Do NOT go to Belle Tire on Central Avenue, Toledo. Went to get a brake job that cost a lot of money, $630. Came back for my car and it was damaged.

Rear bumper was hanging and instead of paying to fix it the store manager argued and protected his guy. This happened on their premises.

The car looks bad and it will cost another $500 to fix it. I will file a complaint with BBB.

Belle tire does a horrible job. Would not recommend it to any consumer. If you need good service I would recommend Tom's Tire. Should have listened to other people about this place.

Monetary Loss: $519.

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I have tried to deal with their "customer service" it is laughable at best and I was basically told up front that no matter the problem I would not be receiving my money back. Poor business.


Had the same thing with the Scio (Ann Arbor) store. Broke my AC and when discovered will not admit fault. I would avoid this company.

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I hear what you're saying and that does sound like a bad experience, but that doesn't happen 100% of the time. For instance, the other day I was driving down I-75 in my ’05 Saab, when without warning my front-right tire blew out.

As a mother and a lawyer, every minute of my day is priceless so I needed to find help quick. I immediately called my Saab dealership. To my dismay, they seemed very unfriendly and the quote that they gave me was outrageous. So instead, I took my car in to a nearby Belle Tire at Woodward and 13 Mile.

I was swiftly assisted by a sales representative named Mark. He was very pleasant and helpful. In the end, I was charged $128.99 for my tire to be replaced and there were absolutely no extra charges or hidden fees. That was less than half the cost it would have been if I had gone to the dealership.

Additionally, Belle Tire balanced my tires, replaced my valve stems, disposed of my tire, mounted the new tire, and even filled my tires with the new environmentally-friendly Nitro-Nize all free of charge!

If you are really that unhappy with their service you can contact their customer care team at BelleTireService (i put a space before the @ because if I don't it gets messed up). If you share your grievance with them, they are able to offer you coupons and discounts on your next purchase to make up for any problems you’ve had with them in the past.

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Are you sure they did it? Most companies do not cover damages that happen in the parking lot of their buildings.

Also the bumper has nothing to do with the work that they did.So I feel your complaint is rather irrevelent!How can you say they do a horrible job?Wal-mart dosent cover damages in their parking lot! If they did alot of people would get free body work!

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