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Short version is after the narrative..

One of the employees in the Belle Tire in Howell, MI backed into my car. We both (the employee and I) got out of the cars and neither immediately saw any damage so we left (we were leaving at the time, after having our tires serviced just fine). Went down the road to another store, and got out, took a better look and noticed there were some lightish scratches and a deep gouge in the bumper. Naturally we take the car back to Belle and ask for a manager. After arguing they eventually agreed to $100 toward fixing it, which would not cover painting a bumper. We were in our car trying to get ahold of corporate customer service when the owner of the other car showed up. The manager was in the process of telling them that we hit them, when we told the lady what really happened. After arguing with them, the dumb store manager finally called his boss, who told him company policy is to get 3 estimates, fax them to them and they will cover the damage. It should not have been this difficult to deal with the issue. Also worth note: the employee never even mentioned anything about the incident and the manager knew nothing about it until we came back into the shop.

Short version:

-Belle Tire employee backed into our vehicle with customer car

-Claimed it was somehow our fault.

-Offered $100... to keep quiet mainly.

-Lied to owner of other vehicle about it.

-Finally offered to cover damages after getting 3 estimates.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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